Château Tasta

Welcome to the Château Tasta.

The Château Tasta vineyard is located near Bordeaux (33) in France and offers a range of red wines of the Fronsac appellation. The vineyard itself covers an area of 18ha.

A history of the Chevaliers since 1922

Each generation of winemakers and their respective wives has made its own unique contribution to the château. Over the years, they have also brought their own individuality to the production of wine on the estate.

In 2001, a family-owned company was established by Robert Chevalier, his son Patrice Chevalier and his daughter Nathalie Even. Patrice and his wife Frédérique carried on the family tradition and have produced successively the following wines :

Domaine des Chérubins, a Bordeaux Rosé, inspired by their "angels": their sons Maxence and Antoine and their nephews Loïck and Nolwenn.

T de Tasta, an experimental wine aimed at re-establishing the well-deserved reputation of the Canon Fronsac.

Château Tasta, appellation Fronsac, remaining faithful to the family tradition.


"Oh raisin de Tasta, miroir d'un été,
voyez ses couleurs subtiles au coeur de sa vigne,
reflet de fidèles alliés Soleil, Eau, Vent,Terre....
sa Terre, goûtez ses arômes, plaisir des palais il deviendra,
entendez déjà l'impatience de son maître vigneron....
Auteur: O. BUGUERET.