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A story of knight since 1922.

The Fronsac uplands have always occupied a strategic position at the intersection of river and road transport routes: the Gauls regarded it as an important market, the Romans built an altar there and then, around 770, Charlemagne built a powerful fortress at the same place, staying long enough for the construction of a "castrum". For these reasons, Fronsac can be proud today because "Fronciacus" was recorded by Eginhard, the chronicler of Charlemagne.

Later, during three centuries of English occupation, Fronsac wines were widely exported to England. In 1663, the Duke de Richelieu decided to acquire the lands of the Duchy of Fronsac for his family. It was on the ruins of the former fortress that his great-nephew, Marshal Arnaud du Plessis, Duc de Richelieu, built a "folly", a theatre for elegant parties, whose reputation extended all the way to the court of Louis XIV. From then on, the fame of the wines of Fronsac continued to expand.

In the XVIIIth century, the revolution in quality of the wines of Libourne started here and, during the same period, the development of world maritime trade contributed significantly to establish the vineyards of Fronsac among the best-regarded of the Bordeaux region. During this period, wines of Fronsac and Canon Fronsac enjoyed the best reputation of all the wines of Saint-Emilion-Pomerol-Fronsac, a reputation that was reflected by the highest prices. In addition, in 1750, it was three leading personalities of Fronsac and Canon Fronsac, that were the first to introduce a wine-making revolution, transforming the vineyards previously comprising tenant farms into small "crus" (specifically, their exact geographic origin), ancestors of today's châteaux.

La Confrérie des gentilshommes de Fronsac

The Confrérie des Gentilshommes de Fronsac is the guardian of the tradition and is also the representative body for wines of Fronsac and of Canon Fronsac in France, in Europe and in the world. The body comprises wine growers named by their peers, who traditionally dress in red robes with a blue facing, wearing the medal of the Confrérie, which bears the image of Marshal de Richelieu, Duc de Fronsac. Each year they come together, honouring individuals and wine experts and the members process through the streets in honour of their fellowship. This year it will take place on June 18th, 2013 in the Château de la Rivière. We shall be there!!